Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why me?

Yesterday I had one of those "Why me?" moments.  Every parent of a special needs kiddo has had them.  Heck, I suspect every parent has had them!

That moment when you think, "Why does this crap always happen to me?"

Obviously, Alan broke his arm a little over two weeks ago.  Alan is a climber.  We've kept him inside as much as possible since he had the cast put on in an effort to minimize his climbing.

Yesterday afternoon I heard a loud crash from the basement.  He had attempted to climb the shelves in our storage room.  But those shelves were not meant to hold up a 170 pound kid.

Over the years, he has climbed so many things it isn't funny.  DH has covered many of our pipes and wires in our mostly unfinished basement with plywood in an effort to protect them. 

We have installed grip bars near many of Alan's favorite climbing spots in the basement.  For years, we kept him out of the storage room and the work room with keyed locks but lately he just wasn't climbing where he wasn't supposed to climb ... much.  So we started leaving the doors unlocked.

Then he broke his arm and we started keeping him inside.  Apparently those sensory needs are building and he's started climbing the walls ... literally.

When I was growing up, my mom used to say, "I'd say I was paying for the sins of my youth, but I don't remember having that much fun."

Well, unfortunately, I did have that much fun.  And I'm paying ...


  1. Strength, mama, yes we are right there with you!!!!

  2. Oh no, and just the other day you were so happy to be halfway there. Hold on, there is only a little over a week left. Can his OT give you any suggestions on how to give him the sensory input he needs?

    Maybe for his birthday/holidays you should tell everyone you know to contribute to a climbing wall fund!

  3. Wow...bless your heart! It won't be long and he will be climbing outside once again. Praying for you all. Your almost to cast off day!

  4. I have those why me moments and I really don't like them because the other option is that it might be happening to someone else. But I totally understand that sentiment and I struggle to fight those internal thoughts all the time. My daughter wasn't a climber so although this is terrible for you, your ending of this post sure made me smile. Maybe I'm paying, too. Found this post on Love That Max this week. My post is #23. I'm trying to get as many read as possible and leave comments so you'll know who is reading. Good luck with your temporary one-armed climber. :-)