Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Monkey Pictures

As promised ... more Alan monkey pictures!

See the plywood on the left side?  That is to protect
wires and copper tubing that he was trying to
use to climb.  Thank goodness DH is handy!

scaling the support pole ...
the kid has "monkey toes"

Squeezing into a cubby in the basement

Climbing up the basement banister
Note it is now a 2"x4" because he
broke the original banister

I love that he does this with a DVD box in
his hand.  He can go all the way from
the basement to the main floor without
touching the actual stairs!

trying to climb through the deck stairs
... he didn't fit!

Another tree he likes to climb at his
aunt's house ... several people
observed that the statue is probably
watching over him!
The kid's flexibility is amazing!

More balance beam work

High up in the tree

He had been trying to climb the shelves in his closet.
Note: the bottom left clothes bar has already been
removed ... so have the closet doors but that was
years before!
Somehow he managed to shimmy up on the shelf

crawling across for variety

not sure how he got up there in the first place

oh, maybe like this!

Doesn't everyone relax on top of the monkey bars?
just hanging out

Inside he also resorts to bed burrowing

My BIL commented that he looks like the
vulture on Snoopy's doghouse!

Stair diving ... headfirst on his back!

Hiding in "the tunnel" as he calls it

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