Sunday, August 11, 2013

Das Boot

In so many ways Alan is oblivious to what is going on in our house.  But he has been surprisingly affected by my foot surgery. 

The first night after my surgery he was very upset.  DH had essentially locked me in our room with my foot propped up.  We were both worried that in Alan's "gusto" he would bang into my foot and hurt it somehow.  So while he likes to hang out in our bed (snuggling, wrestling, watching his iPad, etc.) we do frequently have to lock him out of our room (when one of us is sick, tired, DH is working weird hours, etc.) and it is never much of an issue.  However the night of my surgery Alan was very fretful.  Finally shortly before it was his bedtime, DH had Alan come into our room to give me a kiss goodnight and after that he was noticeably calmer.

After that first night we allowed him access to our room and he has been very gentle with my foot.  He has checked it out, but always gently.  He watches me strap on Das Boot or cross a room on crutches but he doesn't get in my way.  He even threw out trash for me (although getting him to hand me my drink cup is still a bit of a challenge).

He has been a lot more agreeable for the last day or so since I've spent more time in the family room and less in the bedroom.  Even though I am on "his" section of the sectional, he moved to a different place without argument.

This afternoon he was pestering to "go bye-bye" until I took off Das Boot and put my foot up on some pillows and then he sat down to his plate of food without further argument.

It is sort of funny and nice to see these little expressions of maturity.


  1. I pray all is going well with your foot recovery! How very sweet of Alan to be so gentle with you right now. It was a very touching and beautiful post! Blessings!

  2. Oh Julie I am sure you were so worried about how the boys might react to your surgery. I am happy it is going easier than you thought!