Friday, July 25, 2014

Not a typo

I just went for a jog.  Amazingly, that sentence is not a typo.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that the words "Julie" and "jog" are never used in the same sentence unless there is a negative in there as well.  (i.e., "Julie never jogs unless she is chasing Alan.")

I have been trying to get back in shape since my stupid foot surgeries.  Unfortunately, as I age that is harder and harder (as opposed to my belly which is softer and softer ...)

This morning was one of those rare beautiful mornings in the midwest.  It was cool and slightly cloudy (so I didn't need sunglasses) and just perfect running weather.  (Once again, anyone that knows me knows that "perfect" and "running" are not ever used in the same sentence.)

Hm, is it possible I will keep up with my exercising this time?

Oooooo, I have mini kits to complete ... and here's the first one!

Probably not.  But still better one day than none, right?

 photo FF_zpsc6f74f35.jpg


  1. We are of the same mind as far as exercising is concerned! Have fun making minis! I want to see all your finished projects! Do you have a post up showing/ explaining your creation process? I'm fascinated by your art form!

  2. I walk for my exercise but mainly because I'm trying to be able to keep up with the kiddos and not get out of breath. I don't jog unless I absolutely have to... I love that mini by the way :-) really neat

  3. Ha ha, had to chuckle as a picture of you jogging after Alan flashed before my eyes! Though I have never jogged, I have thought about it a million times. Never have been able to bring myself to do it! Glad you had such a lovely day for it and enjoyed it. Great mini by the way.

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the mini, ladies! I plan to do a couple of posts on the creation, Sylvia. I am photo documenting a few projects I am working on and hope to be able to show the whole process on at least one of them.

    Chrystal I am usually a walker as well. Truth be told I only jogged about half of the 2.5 miles and walked the other half, but that is a lot better than I usually do. In the past whenever I would try to jog, I would be lucky to get more than a block before I needed to stop.

    Susan, I am sure me jogging after Alan is a pretty amusing sight! I am sure glad his eloping hasn't happened lately!

    Thanks for reading, ladies!

  5. One day definitely counts...that is how you get started. :) Congrats on your Mini's and your jog

  6. Well done on getting started... on both the jogging and the mini kit! They can both be fun, honest!