Thursday, July 24, 2014

TBT - My Monkey

Here is my Throwback Thursday blog post -- My Monkey -- which originally ran on December 12, 2012 (when I'm pretty sure I had zero readers!)  Enjoy the pictures!

My Monkey 

Several times I have referred to the fact that Alan climbs EVERYTHING, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I would share a few favorites ...

Doesn't everyone climb monkey bars like this?
Or this?
Love the hands in the pockets!  Mr. Cool!
The tree is popular too!

He learned how to shimmy
up the side of the A-frame
Although watching him balance
on the top was the most
nerve wracking!

Playground equipment is fun, too!

Who needs stairs when you can
climb through the banister?
Once again, the hands are in the pockets.
The neighbors all love to watch him.
These are all from 2011.  Tomorrow I will post some from this year and they are even funnier.  That kid!


  1. There was a guy with autism on the "American Ninja Warrior" (a reality show where contestants climb/jump/traverse INSANELY difficult obstacles) and it looks like the kind of thing that would be right up your Alan's alley!

    Have you considered signing Alan up for an obstacle course class or taking him to open gym at an obstacle gym?

    1. He used to go to a gym nearby but they have certain rules and he wouldn't follow them (unfortunately). I might have to check out that show. I'm not much for reality TV but that might be something to sign Alan up for! :-)

  2. Wow! Amazing! I really enjoyed seeing these. He is definitely a climber!

  3. That's heart attack stuff! For Mum anyway... But he looks pretty certain about what he is doing :)

    1. Unfortunately he is VERY certain! Until he breaks something ....