Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting older is a DRAG!

Getting older (I refuse to say "old") is a drag.  Although it is still better than the alternative, middle age is just weird sometimes.

Being the youngest in my family (with a 10 year age span) has allowed me to never feel "old".  After all, if my sisters aren't "old", how can I possibly be old

I also refuse to lie about my age.  Growing up my mom used to always say she was 27.  I was gullible and I believed her until her 40th birthday when some friends put a sign in our front yard.  Of course, she was 32 when I was born.  For some reason I have been a horrible judge of a person's age my entire life.

If I were ever to lie about my age, I think I would do it in reverse.  What if I were to tell you that I am 67 years old?  Don't I look dynamite for 67?!?!  What if I were to tell you I am 27 years old?  I don't look so good for 27.  Because I'm 47.  So I'm not going to lie to make myself sound younger! 

However 47 is pretty smack in the middle of middle age.  Here are some of the most annoying aspects of aging for me:

  • Hairs grow out of previously hairless follicles.  I plucked a doozy this morning from the top of the side of my nose (like a runaway eyebrow hair) except it was super pale and it was OVER an inch long.  WTF???  How did I miss that bugger for that long?
  • Right.  I can't see anymore.  When your hobby involves looking at small details, this is a really annoying part of aging.
  • Hot floods.  Nope, I don't get hot flashes, I get hot floods.  I am always about 3 degrees hotter than I used to be -- and DH already said I had a 2 degree temperature tolerance so this pretty much puts me always out of my comfort zone.  Best of all, my oldest sister had this for about 10 years.  I think I'm on year 3.  Great.  Only seven to go.
  • Everything creaks.  When I was little my mom noticed that my one knee ALWAYS popped when I squatted down -- like cracking your knuckles.  I haven't noticed my knee in ages because everything makes noises these days.  Trying to work out is a regular little symphony.
  • My entire shape has shifted.  OK, I have 20 extra pounds I would like to shed.  But still.  Eleven years ago I needed to lose 40 pounds and I'm pretty sure I didn't sag as bad then as I do now.  Sigh.
  • Then of course, actually losing weight or toning up takes more effort for the same (or lesser) results.  And naturally I have less energy to do the training.
Still life is fun.  When I think about the fact that my older brother died when he was 29, I am pretty happy to have made it to the ripe old age of 47.  I love my husband, kids and this crazy, mixed up thing we call life.  So while I might gripe about some of the less enjoyable aspects of middle age, overall I won't complain too much.  Well I might, but most of you probably wouldn't be able to hear me anyway!


  1. This is me too, as you know :) Like that, I try to remember all the people I know who didn't get as far as I have, and try not to complain too much!

    1. I knew you would "get it". :-) There is a lot to celebrate as we get older. There is just also plenty to complain about. We just have to do it with humor. :-)