Thursday, July 10, 2014

TBT - Driving Julie Crazy

Happy Throwback Thursday - Blog Style!  Since I am once more in the middle of driving Alan to camp every day, it seemed appropriate to re-run this post from last year.  Although I no longer have a "new" car, everything else is still appropriate!

Driving Julie Crazy

Someone once gave me a small plaque that said "Whoever said you only go around once in life, never had carpool duty."

The funny thing is, I didn't really mind carpool duty most of the time.  When Joe was in grade school we found another family with whom we meshed perfectly.  I didn't mind driving in the morning, but really did not like waiting in the after school carpool line.  The other mom didn't like getting up in the morning but didn't mind the after school drive.  It was a good fit.  We continued to carpool through two kids each and two schools and it always worked out well.

Unfortunately not all carpooling is so pleasant.  And when you throw special needs into the equation, things can get VERY interesting!

I had the kid that wanted to listen to his choice of music in the morning.  Sorry, kid, you want a happy driver and I get very edgy when I don't have my tunes.

I had the time that Alan was going to school a half hour away from home (and then I had to drop Joe off) before I could go home.  Naturally, as soon as I pulled into the school parking lot, Alan sprayed his breakfast all over the back seat.  Yuck!!

I had the little girl who would only listen to certain songs (and I had a limited number of them on my CDs).  I got to hear Lady Gaga's Just Dance song four times one morning because that was how long it took to get to school.  Thank goodness that was a close school!

I had the child wearing so much scented body lotion, I felt like I was attempting to walk through the department store perfume department.  Have I mentioned that I'm very olfactory sensitive??
I had the time that a police officer pulled me over and I was so happy that I had FOUR children with varying degrees of autism that were all sitting quietly and correctly wearing their seat belts that in never occurred to me that I might get a ticket.  He did give me one for "improper lane usage" (I got in the turn lane a little before it technically started) and it was all I could do not to ask him who pissed in his Cheerios that morning.

I had the child that used to insult Alan (although never when I was driving).  

I had the kid that unbuckled himself and leaned over the back of my seat to try to turn off my radio because he was going through a "silence" phase.

I had the time Alan's OCD required him to jump in and out of the open car door at least five times before he would get in or out to stay.  Naturally the other ASD boy we were driving decided he would do the same thing.

Then there was the time Alan sat ON another kid.  Luckily he had a sister who was at a similar functioning level and he just calmly said, "Alan, you need to get up."  He repeated himself several times but didn't get angry or upset.

Of course when Alan tried that with another boy, he shoved Alan out the door.

Nowadays I do a lot less driving of Joe so it is just Alan.  Camp started this week so I have been dealing with the afternoon parking lot crazies.  It is probably worse for me this year because I have a new car.  I am so worried I will end up like this!

Between buses that do not slow down when going through VERY narrow openings to the nutty parents and the pokey kids, it is enough to make me wonder if a medicine increase for the summer is in order.  That would be mine, not Alan's.


  1. Had to remind myself to laugh as a lot of this sounds EXTREMELY stressful - the lotion alone put me over the edge...Kudos for keeping it together!!!!

    1. Trust me I wasn't laughing when any of these happened!!! And yes, the lotion was one of the worst. Of course in retrospect they all seem a bit funnier ...

  2. Julie, you are so funny! Although I'm sure all these incidents were not funny at the time! You should write a book! I can;t imagine why you like the morning shift better. I would never want the morning shift for anything. Bethany is a night owl, or should I say a wee hours of the morning owl!

    1. Ha ha! I could have carpooled with you, Sylvia! DH has always worked at a power plan and he shift starts early. Now he ONLY gets up at 5:30 but he used to get up at 4:45 am. Needless to say, he goes to bed early and so we've always kept the boyz on an early schedule. I NEVER used to be a morning person but I've certainly gotten to be one.

  3. Laurie @ Parental Intelligence
    You are so impressive. You're sense of humor beats all. Go mom!

  4. Amazing!!! Our lives are so not normal!!! One can only laugh and enjoy!

  5. I love that! I have never done car pooling but I find that some things are just so, well, normal. It's not but it is - we accept it as normal because what else are we going to do? On the bus with one of my mates, I get so excited about buses, trucks, cars, motorbikes, trailers, roadworks.. and I'm not even pretending. I get SO into it!