Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's in a Name? or Our Tree is a Mutant

This whole blog (not this post, mind you, but the BLOG) started with a visit from my parents.  I was lamenting the fact that our Bradford Pear tree never bloomed and I followed it up with "We have the special needs kids, the special needs cat and the special needs tree!" which my mom thought was hysterical and I thought would be a good launching point for a blog.

I started off calling the blog "We Specialize in Special Needs" or something like that but realized it made me sound like I know more than I do so I changed the name.  Of course now I've read so many other blogs with such catchy titles as "Even the Dog is Autistic" and "Flappiness is ..." and "The Status Woe" and I am once again dissatisfied with my blog name.  Also if you are looking for us on Facebook, we have another name and that is Julie's Boyz Blogspot.  Clearly I have name issues!

Yesterday Alan was out climbing in our Cherry Tree (no this is NOT our special needs Bradford Pear although you can see it behind Alan's head) and I came to the conclusion that this tree must be a mutant.  How in the world does this skinny little branch hold this heavy guy???  I will admit that it flexes a good 6" at times when he is moving around, but it is still incredibly impressive.

At least when he lays on top of the swing-set I can understand how it does not collapse. 

Nothing really interesting to say today, just a great picture (courtesy of DH) of the mutant tree.

But I do still have a strong urge to change my blog's name, so maybe I should call it "Our Tree is a Mutant" or "Even the trees are special needs".  Naaaa, I am not sure how to get all the links straightened out so it will remain "Life with the Spectrum". 


  1. I hear you about names! At first i wanted my blog to be just about my fashion so I named it Nelesc Designs but now that i am intertwining the two: fashion and my life with special needs, was thinking of changing the name but then yes, all the link changing and stuff. We are evolving creatures why doesn't the net get that? lol. My e-mail is shopnelesc@aol.com. I noticed u couldn't find it on the blog. Would love to connect.

  2. I Love your blog and I think it is awesome that it started with a mutant tree. But if you change the name people might think you give landscaping tips and not how great Alan is!

    1. Too funny, Kerri! And you are right -- I better not mention the mutant tree in the name! Thanks for reading.