Monday, April 15, 2013

Second Breakfast

As with many other things, autistic children span the gamut from those that have to be coaxed to eat all the way to those that eat like Hobbits.  Then of course there are the ones that seem to never gain weight to the severely overweight.  Both of mine are more the latter in both respects.  Some of it is medication related and some of it is just genetics.  They are big boys and they like to eat!!!

Alan's OCD has been out of control lately to the point where it takes him upwards of 5 minutes to get off the bus in the afternoon.  While this might not seem like long, if every kid on the bus obsessed as much as he does, the last kid to be dropped off would be a good hour later getting home.  Most of my neighbors seem fairly understanding about it and the bus driver is good about pulling in the stop sign while Alan is doing his routine, but it still drives me nuts (which is admittedly a short trip.)

In an effort to speed him up, we have been changing Alan's meds.  Unfortunately that resulted in him waking up two hours earlier than normal this morning.  <yawn>  I shouldn't complain.  I know a lot of people with kids on the spectrum have kiddos that hardly sleep and in general mine are pretty good especially Joe.  But I happen to be one of those
people that really likes my sleep and gets pretty darn crabby without sleep so I am less than agreeable today.

At the moment we have more than an hour before the bus gets here and Alan has already had two full breakfasts.  At this rate the kid will have consumed his entire daily caloric intake before 10 am.



  1. My son Zeke eats four meals a day regularly now. Breakfast, lunch and supper. Then right before bed he says he needs to eat again. I have found since he started eating right before bed he has been sleeping better! I wish we had figured this out a long time ago as I too really like my sleep!

  2. I would be thrilled if I could get Alan down to four meals a day! lol Six is our usual. Today might be eight!

  3. Oh my gosh, Boo tries to eat a second breakfast all the time!!