Friday, April 26, 2013

Those three magic words

What three words are music to a parent's ears?  Most people would say "I love you!"  Don't get me wrong, I would love to hear them from either of my boys -- and have them mean it, not just parrot it -- but I sometimes think my favorite words are "Your prescription's ready!"

OK, not really, but I do have a close, personal relationship with my local pharmacist!  I walk up to the counter and the pharmacist (or any of the technicians) says "Oh hi Mrs. Sparks, are you here to get this month's supply?"  I am so anal-retentive that I have all our family's 11 medicines renewed at the same time -- heck, otherwise I would be up there twice a week!

The boys are on an assortment of meds and we have certainly had our shares of mishaps along the road (The Case of the Missing Medicine) but currently both are in a good place.  I won't say great, because that will change as they grow.

About two months ago Alan's OCD was out of control.  It took him 5 minutes to get off the bus in the afternoon.  He had to walk back and forth, recite scripts from various movies and just "think about it" for quite a while.  We changed one of his meds a couple of weeks ago and yesterday he was off the bus in less than 30 seconds!  Yeah!!!!!!

Today he has the day off school.  Now to see how he behaves out in public as we run errands.  Wish me luck ....


  1. Good luck! Today could always lead to tomorrows interesting post!

  2. Some times a small tweek in the compound in the medicine makes a world of difference.

    Our brains are just big squishy mass of fluids and electric anyways.

    Mess with your *glial cells* and they cannot protect your nerve cells, mess with your nerve cells

    ..and you have "a bad day"

    I hope this mix works better honey!

  3. Best of luck to being out in public. I hope it goes well. Funny thing about the pharmacy. I walked in today and I heard, "Oh Boo's mom is here for her meds. Guess what the insurance covered it no problem THIS month!"

    1. Always good to be on a first name basis with the medical professionals ... not!