Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Growing pains

What an utterly weird and strange day.  Yesterday was Christmas and I must admit that it was a good one.  Alan wouldn't open presents under the tree, but after we brought them to him where he lay on our bed watching his iPad, he opened them willingly enough.  He only had three time outs because we couldn't/wouldn't go out to lunch like we do most other days.  Sigh.  Still visiting with family was wonderful.

So today DH and I decided to do something we do frequently -- see the same movie separately.  We went to see Jack Reacher.  It was very good although probably a bit more violent than I would have liked.  After I got home I asked Joe if he would rather stay with Alan or go to the store for me and he opted to go to the store.  Then he called me as he was leaving the store -- "I am going to go by Barnes and Noble before going home."  O-KAY.  This might take some getting used to!!!  I know most parents struggle with their children's budding independence but as DH put it the first time he was home when Joe left to drive to school, "Is it just me or is it really weird that we just let our autistic 17 year old drive up the street in the dark?"  Nope, not just you babe!

Today was also Joe's last check up at the pediatrician.  Weird.  He has grown so much lately!!!  He is now the same height as my DH.  He has grown 6.5" over the last two years!  When he was 16 he was in the 25th percentile and now he is in the 90th.  They do grow up eventually.  And that is what I keep telling myself about Alan.  He may be a total pain the keister sometimes, but he will eventually grow up and be a young man.  Hopefully he is as at least half as nice as his brother.

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