Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Nights, Impossible Days ...

It has been several days since I had anything to talk about so the blog has been silent.  I never planned to write regularly on the weekends (emergency venting only) but I also missed yesterday.  Mainly this was because I spent the day car shopping.  I took Joe to school and then drove from car dealer to car dealer test driving new and used cars.  Fun, fun, fun!

Last night Joe walks into the room and asked me, "Mom are you going to need my car tomorrow?"  It is hard not to laugh when he says things like that.  I feel like I have to ask permission to use the car that is still in DH and my name, paid for with our money and insured with our money.  Still we have told him it is "his" car so it isn't like I can get mad at him for calling it that!

But really it was Alan that was jumping up and down on my last nerve last night (I asked DH when he got home from work if he could hear the twanging outside or not).  Alan walks in the door from school and instantly starts saying "medicine, medicine, medicine" until I give him his medicine.  We don't want to give it to him right away because he gets tired earlier in the evening if he has it too early so we try to wait until closer to 5 which is about 45 minutes after he gets home from school.  Last night for grins (and to keep me from going positively postal) I decided to count how many times he said it in a minute.  

The first minute he said it over 25 (I lost count), the next three minutes were 2-3 times per minute (he got distracted by a hangnail), the next was 8, the next 3, then 5, then 9, then 16 and then Mom snapped and put him in time out.  Of course this whole exercise in waiting is rather pointless because he always wins in the end.  The best way to extinguish an undesirable behavior is to ignore it but ultimately he will always get the medicine and I just do not know how to get around this.

Later after he had his medicine I was doing something at the kitchen counter and could not get him his "dinner" and once again, he just stood in my way and kept repeating his desired foods over and over.

Long night ....

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