Monday, December 17, 2012

Autism and Violence

I have debated over and over in my mind what if anything I should say about Sandy Hook. The idea that the gunman might have had autism is a scary thing.  While Alan can occasionally be violent, it isn't a calculated kind of violent.  Joe, on the other hand, could perceivably have be able to plan out something like that, but I know he wouldn't and here is a story that shows why.

Saturday we were talking about what we should do to get into the Christmas spirit and we  discussed watching a Christmas movie.  While Joe will watch any of the Santa Clause movies or The Polar Express by himself, the "classics" he only watch when we are watching them.  DH and I were going to put on It's a Wonderful Life and Joe asked if he had ever seen it.  I told him that he watched part of it one year with us, but seemed to grow bored (probably too subtle) but he still expressed curiosity and asked what it was about.  I told him it was the story of a man who was having a very bad day near Christmas and contemplated suicide but an angel comes down and shows him all the good things about his life.

Joe's response?

"He committed suicide?!?"

Me:  "No, he just thought about it and the angel came to show him how wonderful his life really was and all the reasons he had to live."

Joe:  "So the angel saved him?"

Me:  "Yes.  It is really a happy movie in the end because it shows how wonderful the man's life really had been."

Joe:  "OK, but suicide is just so final!  Can we watch A Christmas Story instead?"

Ah, my gentle giant.  Although my son towers over me in height and outweighs me by 50 pounds, he is such a gentle kid and I am so grateful.  That said there are so many parents that have to deal with the horrific aspects of mental illness.  This article (I am Adam Lanza's Mothershows the "other side."  Thank you Lord that I only have to explain things to Joe over and over. 

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