Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miss me?

Miss me?? 
Alan -- oh so ready for the cast to be off!!

I have been blissfully absent from blogging for most of the last month.

Most of you probably haven't noticed.  Many of you probably don't care.  Some of you will probably tell me how much you've missed hearing about my antics with the boyz.  Yes, they've had them.  No, I haven't written about them.
My miniature greenhouse (made from a birdcage) is almost done!

Mainly I've been taking time for me. 


Not "Mom" and certainly not "Mom of special needs kiddos". 

A little roombox called "Tea for Two"
Just Julie.

I've been working out -- most weeks at least 3 days!  Considering I only had my surgery 10 weeks ago and the boot has only been off for about 6 weeks, I think that is pretty awesome.  Some days my foot still hurts.  I can't do more than a lunge or two before I have tears in my eyes.  I can't genuflect in church without hanging on to the end of the pew and looking like a klutzy idiot (oh, wait, I AM a klutz -- but let's not discuss the idiot part!!)

Since I tend to like working out first thing after Alan gets on the bus and that was when I usually blogged as well, that has probably been the single biggest contributing factor to my decreased blogging.

the tea cart
I've even lost 3-5 pounds (depending on the day) which is only a tiny fraction of what I probably need to lose (20) but at least my weight is headed in the right direction for the first time in a long time.
A little Southwestern themed roombox I made

I have also been working on my miniatures a lot and have actually finished two projects in the last two weeks and almost finished with my third.  Considering only about 3 weeks ago I was close to having a panic attack that I had too much started and would never finish anything, that is pretty impressive.
Climbing again ...

Alan also got his cast off last Thursday.  He (and we) were pretty miserable for the 24 hours following the procedure (he had severe nausea from the anesthesia and then didn't sleep much that night) but my happy child is back.  He has even done some tree climbing since the cast came off although I think in some ways he misses having the indestructible protection on his arm.
Fat cat

As for Joe, he is still volunteering three days a week and spouting his little gems. 

Diesel is still fat and happy.

Life at the Sparks house is back to normal -- whatever that is!!!!


  1. Oh I adore you and your outlook. I am so happy you are taking time for Julie, not mom or anyone else. And way to go on the working out and the weight loss. you go girl

  2. Julie, you are an inspiration to all. I love how you can see the humor even under the worst of circumstances.

  3. Love your miniatures! Very creative and artistic! What a wonderful hobby. It sounds like you are in a good season right now. God is so good. Blessings!