Monday, May 6, 2013

The ties that bind

I have often said over the years that Joe would have been perfectly happy being an only child.  A big part of that, I'm sure, is that Alan needs more than a little extra attention and consideration in almost every aspect of our life.

This past weekend Alan had overnight camp and Joe had prom so this was the first time Joe got to experience home life without his little brother.  By early Saturday morning, Joe was saying how odd it was without Alan around.  He didn't say how nice it was (which I was half expecting) just that it was weird/different/unusual.

It was nice for DH and I to be able to both be there for such a huge event in Joe's life and Alan had a blast lying in the pine tree at camp.  He came home more than a bit sap covered and very tired but happy to be home.  He was making his cooing/talking noises all night last night!

As for prom, Joe apparently even danced (although probably not well) -- I guess as long as his date didn't mind then everything is OK.  It sounds like they had a good time.  Joe did say it was better than the Homecoming dance he went to his junior year.  I am pretty sure having a date helped.

Then last night Joe says to me, "It is good that we are all home together again." 

So does the young man likes his little brother more than he usually lets on or was it just that Alan's absence was a change to the routine?  DH says it is probably the latter.  I like to think it is the former. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Aw brotherly love....they are men so they will never say he missed his brother. But you so know he did!

  2. Wonderful milestone, the prom!

    Sometimes we count all the words and educational skills and self awareness but forget the.. big, simple, wonderful steps in life ;)

    My daughter is learning to ride her bike..and pay attention for more than 3 seconds without me saying pay attention 70 times ;)

    Great to see!

  3. lol Yes, a friend loves to tell the story of my hubby telling his brother that we had our ultrasound when we found out Alan was a boy. They were at a bar throwing darts and my friend said if she hadn't overheard what they were talking about she wouldn't have known they moved off sports as a topic!