Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two graduations and some pictures

Joe is now out of high school.  He has a diploma and a lead on a job.  He opted not to go through the graduation ceremony and I am fine with that -- actually I encouraged that.  


We had a little party for him on Saturday -- mainly family and two friends.  His one friend, Harris, had a great time playing the miniature golf course with Joe.   


His cousin who came to visit played some ping pong with him the night before.

Alan's last day of 8th grade is today.  He had a little "graduation" ceremony on Tuesday and he didn't walk across the stage and wouldn't wear the hat but he happily accepted his "diploma".  

We are definitely going to miss his fabulous teacher although we are lucky enough to have her for summer school as well!

So life is good and calm in the Sparks household and there is nothing interesting to write about.

Of course as soon as summer starts I'm sure some things will crop up.  Meanwhile I thought I'd just share a few photos ...

Here are my "bookends" -- DH on his iPad and Alan on his hanging out in our bed relaxing!


And Alan combining two of his favorite activities -- sitting in the tree and chewing his toes.  I originally called it "Pedicure in a Tree" but a friend called it "Tree Yoga" and I think I like that name even better.

I'd also like to do a link up, but I am not sure how to do that.  So feel free to share your blog link in the comments.

Happy Thursday!

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