Saturday, June 7, 2014

Passing the torch (or maybe the plunger)

For the last several years we have primarily used one respite provider (Nikki) with another (Genni) as a backup.  Both girls are getting married the last Saturday of this June.  This is so unfair.  These girls actually have a life outside of Alan???

Working with Alan in First grade
Ms. Nikki has been part of Alan's life since kindergarten.  She was a para in his kindergarten and first grade classroom.  When we left that school we started utilizing her as a babysitter.  When a new, private school opened in his third grade year we strongly encouraged/recommended Ms. Nikki for the position of assistant teacher.  Unfortunately Alan's OCD really spiraled out of control in sixth grade and we had go to back to the public schools.  Ms. Nikki actually likes her job at the private school and is still there. 

When we first got him his iPad he wanted nothing to do with it.  In an effort to encourage him to use it, Ms. Nikki gave him some private lessons.  For so many things, she has always been there for us anytime we've asked.

But the time has come to pass the torch (or in our house, maybe it is the plunger) and we need to find some new folks to watch Alan. So we've been trying to interview/utilize a few new babysitters.  Of course, DH's first comment was "They need to be old and ugly so they don't go and get married on us."  Um, pretty sure that is NOT something we can ask when we phone interview these people.

Luckily one lady that we know and trust (she is Alan's companion on camp weekends) has come through for us and is planning to watch him so we can actually attend Nikki's wedding.  (No, we aren't planning to bring Joe.)  Even though Nikki has assured us she will still be available to watch Alan after she is married, we are realistic enough to realize that her availability will be less.  Gosh forbid she actually have a "cupcake" (her nickname for Alan) of her own.

Ms. Nikki supporting the bike so Alan could ride
But back to the screening process.  Even though Alan is rarely violent I did put that he could be "violent occasionally" in my "feeler" e-mails that I sent out to several people.  The one person that contacted me within 10 minutes thought it was funny that I put that in.  She said most people didn't tell you that up front.  Seriously?  Who wants to surprise a provider with that?

In any case we are supposed to meet the new person today.  Minutes before she was scheduled to arrive we were plunging one of the toilets while the other boy was in a different bathroom.  Maybe instead of asking about their autism experience we should ask them about how good they are with a plunger.  Sigh.


  1. Praying you find just the right person for this job! Love the pictures of him when he was little!!!

    1. He was such a little cutie. She started calling him cupcake in kindergarten and she still does (even though he is taller than her). Everyone should have a "Ms. Nikki" in their life! :-)

  2. Oh why do they have to have a life outside of our kids? I agree so unfair. It is funny I am so open with Boo and even with Abby. About their, ahem, shortcomings (?). The response to my honesty is always funny. People are simply amazed. I figure I thought I should tell you she escapes before, you know, she does?

    1. Exactly. Why in the world would you not warn someone who will be watching your kids about potential problems???