Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Poor Joe had his wisdom teeth removed last Friday.  He handled it like a trooper.  He came out of the anesthesia very quickly and was alert enough to want to go swimming that afternoon.  He took a grand total of 2 pain pills (although a fair amount of ibuprofen!)  Most kids would have milked it for all it was worth, but Joe voluntarily resumed most of his chores the evening of his surgery.

The biggest hardship for him has been the "no crunchy foods" rule.  This kid loves his pretzels and popcorn!

I thought the promise of all the pudding and ice cream he could eat on the first day would be appealing to him, but he sadly informed me that what he really wanted was a hamburger.

Pudding is a huge favorite in our house, though!  Because of poor lactose intolerant Alan, I had to take to storing it in the basement and only bringing up 4 little cups at a time or else he would eat it until he had lower end problems.

Joe was helpful enough to go downstairs and bring up a couple of packages and put them in the pantry.

On Saturday, he went into the pantry to have some and snapped the two attached cups apart and Alan leaped off the couch.  It was obvious he recognized the sound and like any well trained animal he went immediately "on point".

DH said it reminded him of Dug from the movie Up.  "Squirrel!!!"  Yep.


  1. So funny. I am glad he is handling the surgery well!

  2. Oh, how funny! But you know some things are just worth it in life! I am glad to hear that Joe handled having his wisdom teeth out so well. I can truly understand how hard it is for the no crunchy foods. My William likes his crunchy things to eat too. And could not have them for two years when he had his braces on! YIKES! The day he got them off he wanted, for supper, every food that he had been deprived of all that time. So funny.. Another great post! Blessings!

  3. Ha! So funny! I use "Squirrel!" with my husband all the time when he's not paying attention! :)

  4. Too funny! Although I sympathize with him over his wisdom teeth surgery!