Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spotlighting Joe's creativity

Whenever Joe approaches a major life change (new school year, holidays, even vacation) he gets a little "edgier".  Needless to say with high school graduation approaching he has been a getting on my nerves a bit!  So in an effort to boost his morale and mine, I am going to spend this blog highlighting his creativity -- which is extensive.

I talked in Dorothy, I'm afraid we aren't in Kansas about Joe's amazing marionette he constructed out of pipe cleaners. Kerri commented about how creative it was and I figured I should give credit where it is due.  His marionette, which he calls Marionetto, took only a day or two to construct although he has tweaked it occasionally since.  He even trusted the cat to check it out but not Alan ... hmm, he might have something there.  The cat is probably more gentle than Alan!

He has also carved his own pumpkin for the last two years and while 2011's was probably better than 2012's they were both pretty impressive for a kid with fine motor issues!

The drawing in the book
Working hard!

Joe's final drawing.  A little off on the face, but otherwise, pretty well done!

But one of my all time favorites was his copy of a drawing from the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  He loved the movie Hugo when it came out and since reading has always been hard for him, we got him the book for his birthday hoping it would spark his interest.  He actually did a little reading on his own, but as is usual for Joe, the pictures were what really captured him!

Again, this didn't take him very long.  He did this drawing in an evening.  When he wants to, he can be incredibly focused and a very hard worker.

Now if we can only figure out a career for him that involves copying pictures from books or building pipe cleaner puppets, life will be good!

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