Monday, January 28, 2013

Jumping out of my skin

 I had an allergic reaction to some "all natural" medicine I took to remove a few skin tags.  It started on Saturday and we ended up coming home from our date early because I was itching.  I took all the Benadryl we had in the house between then and this morning and decided that I HAD to see a doctor today.

I am now on steroids and a prescription strength antihistamine so I should be feeling better, right?  Not yet.  Today has actually been the worst day so far but I have high hopes that I will turn the corner soon.  I literally feel like I could (and would love to) jump out of my skin.

I was just reading another blog that was about sensory overload in an adult autistic woman.  Is this what my boys feel like every day?  Maybe not itchy per se, but just completely unable to focus on anything (including this blog which is liable to be short) because of the sensory overload? 

DH got home and I booked to work on my hobbies because I was hoping to distract myself from this hellacious sensory overload.  Wow.  It is a tough life for these kiddos.

Things that make you go, "huh?"

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