Saturday, January 26, 2013

Date Nights and Privacy

Lest you get confused by the title, I do not plan to give private details about our date night.  This blog covers two separate topics.

Date Night:
Tonight is our monthly date night.  Thank goodness.  I've actually had a pretty good month other than a root canal but just getting out with the hubby is such a treat.

Most times we go to a movie but as we are a bit on movie overload we are going to go out to dinner and then either go and listen to some music or watch a game on TV.  But it really doesn't matter what we do, what is important is that we make time to be together.  It probably doesn't happen naturally in a typical family either.  But some months we really have to work to make sure we get a night to ourselves. 

As I said in What Might Have Been, DH and I have a pretty good relationship.  I would say it is 50/50 but that isn't really the case.  Some days it is 60/40 favoring me and some days it is 70/30 favoring him or .... well, you get the idea.  That is how we make it work.  At least our boys are not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities.  Most evenings after the boys are in bed (and thank goodness they are good sleepers!!!) are for just the two of us.  That said, there is still something wonderful about going out and not worrying about whose turn it is to bathe Alan or who needs to cut up his apple or stop him from jumping off our bed and shaking the whole floor or .... well, once again, you get the idea.

Tonight we are planning to go out, have a little fun and pretend we don't have two autistic kids.  Tell me you aren't jealous!!

Last night we watched the movie Julie and Julia.  For those who do not know the plot line, it is based on the true story of Julie Powell who decided to write a blog while cooking through Julia Child's entire cookbook in a year.  I have started my blog since I last saw the movie, so it was especially entertaining to watch the interactions between Julie and her husband Eric.  Probably my favorite exchange:

Eric:  I am not a saint.
Julie:  Oh yes you are!
Eric:  No, I'm not!  And it makes me feel like an asshole every time you say it.  (pause)  And do NOT write about this in your blog!

DH frequently tells me "don't put this on Facebook!"  Usually it is when he is sick or something is up with the family but I don't necessarily want everyone knowing all our dirty laundry either.  I am a fairly open and sharing person, but some things about our relationship are not for the blog or Facebook or Google + ( I haven't started tweeting yet!)  Usually I try to share what I think is funny about our life or what has or hasn't worked with the boys in an effort to help other people.  The rest is just voyeurism.  

So if you are looking for a reality TV look into our life, you probably won't find it.  It doesn't mean I don't like sharing or having you share back.  I apparently actually have a few readers even if I don't have any followers yet!  Happy Saturday, folks!

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  1. We have the occational date nights too, sometimes too far between than they should be...but lvoe them just the same! and Much needed!!