Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not my day

Have you ever seen those t-shirts that say "Today is not your day.  Tomorrow is not looking good either."  Yep, that is me.

After having read a bunch of different people's blog posts, I am almost thinking that there is something in the air.  I thought springtime was supposed to make people hopeful.  That has never been the case around here.  There are too many allergies and spring is followed by summer (my least favorite season) so I am generally a bit of grump in the spring, but in the past, it always seemed I was in the minority in that.

Today the biggest source of my angst is Joe.  The poor kid has almost no friends.  He keeps inviting one of his former classmates to go places (dinner, movies, etc.) but as last weekend was prom and she went with someone else, I am pretty sure it is a "friends only" relationship.  I am fine with that.  Except he doesn't really have ANY other friends.  And if she actually has a boyfriend, I suspect their platonic dates will continue to decline.  He has two other kids with whom he occasionally exchanges texts but there is no one else with whom he can "hang".

This is breaking his mom's heart.

He is such a neat kid, but he is so socially backward and I just want him to have some friends.  He never saw the need while he was in high school and now he doesn't have anyone.  I was thinking if he got a regular job and was around the same kids day in and day out that this might change, but alas, the kid does not have a regular job.

He frequently goes out after work (to play miniature golf, to eat lunch, to shop) but it always by himself.  I love this independence, but it would be so much better with friends.

Since we found out for sure that he won't be going to college this fall, this has gotten more urgent for me.  I don't think any of us will be happy to live another year like the last.  He doesn't even do much on the computer -- which I will admit is most of my social interaction these days!

So how can I generate social interactions?


  1. Oh my friend, I don't have the inkling of an answer. Worse I am so freaking thankful I am 14 years away from this moment. But I think, and this is reaching, that Joe might not realize as much as you think. That like most things with these kiddos it hurts us so much more than it hurts them. BUT I would offer a buddy program. Either I Run For Micheal or Best Buddies. Where they pair typical versus special for reinforcement and encouragement.
    Hugs to you. I'm sorry for your heart breaking once again

  2. Hugs to you my friend. I feel this deeply for my children as well. I have never found a solution either. It is even worse here as we home school. I do get the kids out and about with home school group and such but we are pretty much treated like we have the plague. I give glory to God we have such a large family and my kids get along well and are each others friends. Though not totally the same as having a great running buddy. I do long for my William and Zeke to find friends with common ground as well. Zeke especial has longed for a friend. He actually told me once he felt that no one liked him because of the way he was born and because of his skin color. :( It is heart breaking but I my self am not a good example as don't have any strong physical friendships either. Just many distant acquaintances. Hubby and my dad are it for me in the physical. I have many on line people I write to frequently though. Wish we lived closer! I will start to pray for a good friend for Joe!

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