Thursday, January 16, 2014

My new craft room

I always felt like we let Alan take our basement hostage.  We have a HUGE basement and except for two small areas that were closed off and capable of being locked (one used as storage, the other as our work room) we've always let him have the run of the place.  In Our Redneck Home Improvement we blocked his access to all the piping, wiring and ducts.  (Of course he's spent almost no time down there since the ceiling was installed, but that is another story ...)  Stage two of the project was to give me a craft room and give DH back his work space.

This is where I used to work.  OK, it is messy but even when it was organized, it was tight on space especially once Joe joined me in that back room.


So we took this space, moved the pool table,

and turned it into this ...

Now I have a table to keep my sewing machine out all the time so hopefully I'll actually complete my sewing repairs in a timely fashion while Alan is still wearing the same size clothing.

There is even space for Joe to work on his models.  

And best of all .. DH got his work room back AND now has space to play his games.  Now we just have to get Alan back down there with the rest of the family ...


  1. What a great functional project and use of space for everyone. It looks great too by the way!

  2. We are in the process of doing a craft room too. You have some great looking pictures with good ideas, thanks.

  3. The craft room looks great, Julie. And it’s surprising on how it turn out. I thought it’s a small room because of all the things packed in it. But now, you have enough space for the both of you. Good thing Joe agreed to share this space and move his pool table for this to happen. Speaking of which, where did you put the pool table?

    Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing

    1. We just slid the pool table into the middle of the basement. Love those furniture glides!!!

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