Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I don't Tweet!

Since I detailed my love/hate relationship with Facebook, it seems only fair to give Google+ their time in the spotlight ... or the cesspool as the case may be.

To understand why I even use Google+, I have to go back to the start of my blog. I didn't really see the point of a Google+ account -- after all, I had Facebook. But when I went to find out how to start a blog, naturally I Googled "blogging" and came up with Blogger.  I guess it makes sense that they would promoted their own product.  

Then naturally I wanted people to read the blog.  I was doing this for fun, but when I only got about 10 hits in the first week (and probably 5 of them were my own before I figured out how to stop logging my own page views) I knew I had to to do something to promote my blog or I was basically just typing an online diary.

Realistically I knew most people started by sharing their blog with their family and friends but I was a) shy and b) operating under an assumed identity. 

I am definitely not a techie and at first I couldn't figure out how to link my blog to Facebook.  Being of Google origin, it was very easy to promote on Google+.  Since I was taking on an assumed identity  I figured I could just be someone else on a different social network.


These two social networks are really nothing alike.  There ARE similarities, but their differences are what annoy me.  Come on, "+1"?  Who thought of that?  Was "like" copy-righted?  

I also don't like not being able to do the equivalent of a personal message on Google+.  I finally figured out that if you post something and have it visible to only one person, that is like a personal message, but dang, that is hard to figure out and it still feels like you are putting it "out there" for everyone to see.

The ginormous screen font is off-putting to me as well.  At least Google+ doesn't always force things to "most popular" like Facebook does ... maybe that is my OCD coming through, but I want things in chronological order, thank you very much!

Someone pointed out to me recently that really creepy people can follow you on Google+.  Okay, you have the choice of whether or not you follow them back.  You can even block them but if someone looks at "CreepXYZ" and he is following you even if you block him, won't your name still be linked to theirs?  Yuck.

Then I made the mistake of "linking" my blog comments to Google+.  This seemed like a good idea on the surface because then if someone commented on my Google+ page, the comment would show on my blog.  Except ... then someone couldn't comment unless she had a Google+ account.  Well that seemed a bit exclusionary and when a RL friend tried to comment and didn't have Google+ I decided to switch back.  

To add insult to injury, all the comments that were made while I had Google+ comments were gone ... poof! ... even the ones that were made ON the blog.  Well crud.

I only had Google+ comments for a month, but those were some of my most popular posts (and some of my favorites) and there are no comments on them ... at all.  Double crud.

Now I that I have a Facebook account and a blog page set up over there as well I thought about ditching Google+.  The only reason I am hanging on to Google+ is for the blogging communities ... and of course the wonderful friends I have met on Google+!  These darn social websites just suck you in and don't let go.

And that would be why I don't Tweet!


  1. Cheers to these darn social websites sucking us up and not letting go. So. Much. Time. They take so much time! And I had a creeper following me on Google +. I reported him and blocked him - but get this...he was following 9 other people named Kristi Campbell. And the dumbest part? Some people in my circles followed him too! I was like "um, hello! did you LOOK at his profile before adding him in?" Great post!

  2. OK, that is seriously creepy and weird. Yikes. Makes you wonder why he is obsessing with Kristi Campbell?!?!?!

  3. I had Google+ only because a couple of my very dear, longtime, IRL friends left Facebook and joined there. I rarely posted on it, and I finally deactivated my account a couple of months ago (after obtaining my friends' e-mail addresses). I am however, very much addicted to Facebook. I quit for a couple of weeks, then come back after realizing how much simpler it is keeping up with friends and family on it. It's a bit ironic since I started the boys' blog to keep family not on Facebook in the loop, but I only ever remember to mention the blog on Facebook. As for Twitter? I don't think my life is that interesting that I want to spend hours hashtagging a bunch of nonsense, and besides, it's obvious the 140 characters or less is not something I can do! ;)

  4. lol -- 140 characters would kill me!!!

  5. I don't use facebook, twitter or any other social media site for real life connections. I use google plus / blogger for my hobby only. Hell I barely use the phone!

    My family and friends can connect with my face, when they talk to me in person.

    P.S my real name is Jane Smith *smirk*

  6. I'm afraid of Twitter. I like G+ because of the exposure, way more exposure, than Facebook. But I agree, I like the personalization of FB. One other thing, as an anonymous blogger it is easier to be incognito on G+.

  7. Well, I am just technology challenged. Every time I have to get a new phone I am so frustrated to have to learn a new one. It was very hard for me to create a blog. Tweeting, face booking and all that is just to scary to have to learn to do it all. I only have Google plus for my blog. And didnt like it when they changed the way it all looked a few weeks ago! And I have met some great people along the way since joining though. Most people I know have asked to face book me at one time or another and are amazed I still don't do it. I have email. And now the blog. So that is enough technology for this down to earth, still writes letters to people snail mail, farm girl.

    1. Ha ha Susan! Nothing wrong with good old fashioned letter writing! :-)

  8. Well as you know I'm the one afraid of the creeps on G+! And I must take all your advice now about blocking and reporting them...

    My real life friends, family and supportive special needs community is on Facebook, but if I had to choose I would say that twitter is probably my favourite, mainly cos I'm a news junkie and too opinionated for my own good :)