Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm in over my head

This is (unfortunately) a techie post.  Apparently Google is doing away with Google Reader.  So if you are a Google Blogger (which I am) and that is the way you follow your blogs (which I do) you won't be able to do this in a couple of weeks.  


It took me 6 months to figure out how this darn blogging thing works -- and I still can't "grab a button" or some of the other things people talk about so casually!

Unfortunately this isn't a link, but the button to the right of the blog IS a link!

I've had several people tell me to use Bloglovin' since that seems to pretty basic and similar to Google Reader.  I've started using Bloglovin' and it isn't bad.  There are some differences but I suppose I will be able to figure them out.  I've added my Bloglovin' Widget and hopefully any of you that use Google Reader will choose to follow me over to Bloglovin'.

I'm sure there are about a gazillion things wrong in this short post but I had to try to let you know in case any of my readers were as clueless as I am.


  1. Oh dear. I don't know what either of them are. Guess I will google It! I will try to figure out if I am missing a way to make things easier. Blessings.

    1. I think you use Word Press and it doesn't apply to them. It is just Blogger Dashboard (by Google) that is affected. I think.